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What is Author Interview and how does it help your book?
We are partnered with famous radio programs that is followed by thousands of listeners. As an Author, an Interview with them will give you the opportunity to convey the message of your book and your experience as a person and as an author. You also get to deepen the readers’ understanding of character, plot, the message of your book and yourself. A chance for you to express your purpose, and the reason why the book was created.

Author Radio Interviews

Services offered

Far Eastern Media has partnered with People of Distinction and The Transform U! which is heard by thousands of listeners over the radio.
Your interview will also be available in their podcast which has thousands of followers.

Author Video Interviews

Services offered

The Galley had interviewed hundreds of authors and helped them reached thousands of viewers to convey their books.
An opportunity for them to share the amazing journey and experiences they have as an author and what their book is about.

It’s not easy to get an interview slot with them! We will assist you  to get the interview!