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Far Eastern Media

We are a growing company in the digital marketing and book publishing industry. We’ve only started helping authors last february 2018 as a freelance team. But before that, we used to market different kinds of businesses in UK and Europe (small businesses like coffee shops, flower shops, etc). Our head of book marketing came from a prominent self publishing company and he decided to collaborate with our company and started Far Eastern Media because he felt that other companies arent really there to help authors but instead, they only intend to seep up their money.

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Don’t get easily convinced by us but hear the truth of our success from our best authors.

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We help readers find and buy your books anywhere they’re sold online. No matter how you market yourself, our promotional tools help funnel more readers to your books so you can focus less on selling and more on writing. 

Meet our Best Selling Authors

Jason Boggs

Author of The Dragon’s Harvest trilogy.

Don’t miss the best selling book that captures a holiday season blockbuster and big screen experience in book form.

Ercell H. Hoffman

Author of The Acknowledgment,  A Journal of Thoughts, Dreams and Impressions:
The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose &
USA Anytime Anyplace: A Journey Toward Survival and Self Worth  

makki photo

Alkawther Makki

Author of  Books:
Unspoken Revivalism &
Smarter Cleaner Leaner



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