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We help authors realized their dreams into reality,  and make sure that the services we offer to all our authors are personalized which brings success in every published book.


About Us

Far Eastern Ltd is much more than just a Digital Marketing Firm,


We believe in constructing partnerships, not just getting clients.

Everything we do comes from the perspective of a business owner, and we treat your business like our own.

Far Eastern Ltd. committed to be the agency that ensures long-term growth for our partners by providing them the essential information to effectively target their products and services, to bring up customer loyalty, to stay competitive in their market, and to be resilient in grasping the ever-changing shifts in their respective industries.

We’re transparent about our methods, our pricing, and our deliverables. The best part? You get the peace of mind that we will bend over backwards to do whatever it takes to grow your business.

Utilizes a Battle-Tried
Ultimate Moves


No sugar-coating. No salesy pitches.
Let’s focus on creating a well-planned digital marketing strategy and data-driven executions that guarantee your KPIs.

Refine the Confusion

The Digital world is confusing, but it has organized patterns meant to either ascertain success or spell disaster.
FarEastern Digital Marketing Framework

As a pioneer digital marketing company in the UK, we know with perfect clarity that going digital without a structure is a recipe for disaster. Let our digital marketing framework guide every data you pull, every content you write, every code you make, every pixel you design, every strategy you set.

Collect & Manage Data

FarEastern Analytics Platform is your marketing intelligence moat.

Dust off your desk and close the gap between marketing intelligence and pure intuition. Gather, manage, and turn your data into actionable insights. Pull every byte of data from your arsenal of tools, spy on your competitors, and use data as your guarded advantage all within the FarEastern Analytics Platform.

Rinse & Scale

Use Predictive Analytics and Data Models to ensure growth and maximum results. Multimeter photo

It’s time to make your data-backed move. Making bold yet calculated moves is a craft that not everyone can master. With FEM analytical powerhouse, you can anticipate, predict, optimize, and make decisions based not on your gut feel—but data.

Solutions and Actions

Let us get straight to the point. Tell  us your problem.
We analyze. We discuss. Then plan and strategize. Don’t wait!

Reader's Digest

Targeting the right audience  is a must. Reader’s Digest is one of the leading Magazine brand in the US.

Let's get down to Business

Empowering businesses and individuals is our trophy. This is  our motivation and reason why we are here today.

Social Media Marketing

Let millions of active people on Social Media know that your label is active and ready to engage.

Facebook Ads

With current number of users, this has become one of the popular platform to establish your brand.

Email Marketing

Keep your fans updated, and won’t miss any event from you.

Video/TV/Radio Interview

Get an interview from our best host and give your fans more thrilled of your brand.

Press Release

Simply put as “to spread the words”. Best when you have a newly created brand.


Automated, Beautiful, All Yours. We treat your manuscript like the precious gem that it is.

Hollywood Solicitation

An amazing opportunity to share with your raving fans.


Be on top when someone searches for your services.

Content Marketing

Design contents that would produce and fulfill demands.


Create enticing designs to show off what you can do for your clients.

Web Development

Design and build robust infrastructures to house your brand for a lifetime.

Pay Per Click

Boost your business with real time advertisements to your prospect clients.

Reader's Digest

Get featured in America’s 4th largest circulation magazine brand.

Labels Guided by What to Come

Empowering businesses and individuals is our trophy. This is  our motivation and reason why we are here today.


Paul Feinberg


Author of My Neighbor John

An adjunct assistant professor of Geology at Hunter College, CUNY, since 2003


Richard Rosini


Author of Sins Of Omission

In Sins of Omission, the dramatic story follows Father Carmine as he gets himself into some very serious trouble.

makki photo

Alkawther Makki

CEO Alkawther Motivation
Life Coach, Author/Writer Unspoken Revivalism & Smarter Cleaner Leaner

JaQuel D. Blanchard


Author of Suffering In Silence: Closed Mouth, Imprisoned Thoughts

Clinical Mental Health  Counselor; Freelance Writer.


Karen Humeniuk


Author of East of Midnight

Earned a degree in biology then worked in cancer research and clinical microbiology before earning a master’s in landscape architecture.



Doge Homes

Provider of Homes for Fur Babies

Find the most affordable, and comfortable dog houses for small and large dogs.

Real People with Real Stories

Sharing their stories not to brag but to be an inspiration to many. To motivate, to thrive harder and reach the ultimate goal.

Directing businesses towards success

We treat your success our main goal.